8D Shandong All In Super Brand


Yudaishan Hot Spring - China\'s first Japanese-style Hot Spring, enjoy a dip in the Hot Spring to relax your body & soul.

fr SGD 649/PAX

8D Korea Winter Love /+*Free 1N Hotel

South Korea

A package designed just to bring out the adventurous you! Come join us to Korea for a Freezing good time. Exclusive 2N stay at 5-star Yong Pyong Ski Resort & Visit Petite France and Provence Village, Mt Halla and watch brand new WEDDING Musical Show, & more to come!

fr SGD 1149/PAX

8D Loving in Korea

South Korea

Enjoy the impressive night lights of one of Busan’s most notable landmarks-Gwangan Bridge. Also, don’t miss the hilarious drawing show \'Painters HERO\' !

fr SGD 1149/PAX

8D Mt.Lushan/Jingdezhen/Wuyuan/Nanchang


Mt.Lushan has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. No other mountains under heaven can surpass it; The magnificent mountain rises upright out of the lakes and rivers.

fr SGD 649/PAX

9D Classic Shanxi Experience


Exprience China through Shanxi. Visit Hukou Waterfall, Yungang Grottoes, Mt Wutai, etc. Then the Wonders of China; Xuankong Temple, Pingyao Ancient City, Qiao Family Compound, etc.

fr SGD 749/PAX

8D Three Gorges + Zhangjiajie

Three Gorges

Three Gorges, relax on a cruise on the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world. It will take you pass through the cradle of China, while giving you the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable.

fr SGD 1049/PAX

8D New Zealand South Island

New Zealand

KIA ORA! Explore the nature at a peaceful pace and hop onto the Hagglund ride for a thrilling Antarctic Adventure.

fr SGD 3049/PAX

8D Hokkaido "Winter Snow Wonderland"


Fly DIRECT to HOKKAIDO on Singapore Airlines in December! Visit Mt Hakodate (incl. Cable Car), the ancient Date Jidaimura, Occigabi Winery, Seafood Market and Snow Activities at your own time own target! Exclusive 1N stay at Kiroro Ski Resort!*

fr SGD 2449/PAX

8D Classic Fujian/Chaoshan+Mt Wuyi


fr SGD 849/PAX

8D All In Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi)


fr SGD 1249/PAX

7D Tohoku Fantasy Tour


Tohoku, northeastern Japan, is well-known for its volcanoes, mountainous terrain and skiing activities. It\'s home to the tiny, pine-covered islets of Matsushima Bay, and Lake Towada, a huge crater lake renowned for its bright-blue color and surrounding forests.

fr SGD 2549/PAX
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