8D Hokkaido + Tokyo


Soak in the relaxing experience of the Noboribetsu Hot Springs and enjoy the panoramic view of the magnificent Mt. Fuji, the symbolic peak of Japan.

fr SGD 1949/PAX

8D All In Korea Deluxe

South Korea

Awarded by Korea Tourism Organisation for being one of the 8 Best Korea tour programmes in the world. Annyeong!

fr SGD 1249/PAX

8D Love in Kyushu Meguri


Stay in dome-shaped Mt Aso and experience the rejuvenating Hot Spring Baths.

fr SGD 1949/PAX

8D Loving In Korea

South Korea

Enjoy the impressive night lights of one of Busan’s most notable landmarks-Gwangan Bridge. Also, don’t miss the hilarious NEW! WEDDING musical from the directors of NANTA!

fr SGD 1349/PAX

8D Harbin Snow Town Fairyland


One of China’s most heavily snowed areas. The local traditional wooden houses covered by snow forms into various shapes like giant mushrooms. Test our your skiing skills at China\'s Biggest Yabuli Ski Resort, admire the sculptures at the annual Sun Island International Snow Expo, & many more.

fr SGD 949/PAX

8D Korea Winter Love

South Korea

A package designed just to bring out the adventurous you! Come join us to Korea for a Freezing good time. Exclusive 2N stay at 5-star Yong Pyong Ski Resort & Visit Petite France and Provence Village, Mt Halla and watch brand new WEDDING Musical Show, & more to come!

fr SGD 1349/PAX

8D Century Paragon @ Jiangnan


3N Stay on Century 5* Paragon Cruise Ship - First on the Yangtze River - Century Cruises is charting a new course for Yangtze River cruising. Next visit Lingshan Buddha + FanGong, immense the world-known China Art Palace, & many more.

fr SGD 749/PAX

7D The Best of Honshu


Step into the world of your Favourite Action Heroes at Universal Studios and spar your way into the Home of Samurai Warlord at Osaka Castle.

fr SGD 1849/PAX

6/8D Highlights Guangdong + Macau


Stay in 5* Chime Long Hotel and enjoy close proximity with the wild safari animals. Be amazed at Chime Long International Circus - the world’s largest permanent circus.

fr SGD 449/PAX

7D Charming Hokkaido All Season Tour


You have heard enough of Hokkaido Ramen, Hokkaido Crabs, Hokkaido Chocolates and more. Now, it’s time to taste and feel the charm in all four seasons.

fr SGD 1649/PAX

7D Ice Breaker Cruise Hokkaido


Only in February! Take a ride through the drift ice along the Sea of Okhotsk. Grab this opportunity to catch a rare glimpse of seals and sea gulls. Then visit the Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival, the Crane Center, Ainu Village, Kushiro Washo Seafood Market, etc.

fr SGD 1749/PAX

6D Gold Coast + Wild Dolphin Feeding


Immerse yourself in the opportunity to interact with the beautiful Bottlenose Dolphins at the famed Tangalooma Dolphin resort. Don’t forget to try the unique and exhilarating sport of Sand Tobogganing

fr SGD 1449/PAX
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