Mr. Dominic Loh

12D BEST OF SCANDINAVIA: 07 - 18 Jun '17. Danny, thanks for making sure we weren’t late for anything and making sure no one got lost. I really appreciate you speaking English for important information as my grasp of the Chinese language is quite weak. Also thanks for translating whatever the local tour guide said to Chinese, as my grandmother does not understand English. And I will always remember that gas station burger, thanks for that.

Ms. Mei Ling

12D BEST OF SCANDINAVIA: 07 - 18 Jun '17. Danny is a responsible and helpful tour leader. He constantly engages the group member and specially look out for the older folks.

Di Xie & Family

12D BEST OF SCANDINAVIA: 07 - 18 Jun '17. Danny, Thank you for going the extra mile for us. Leading a trip is not easy, especially everyone has different needs. 辛苦你了!

S.T Ang

8 DAYS TAIWAN ALISAN (SUNRISE): 10 - 17 Jun '17. Brandon is a helpful and attentive person. We are in Group B of 7 family members and are happy to have him as our tour leader. He is friendly towards everyone and also taking care of the old peoples. Well done and keep it up. All the best to you, Brandon.
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