Mr Seet Chin Ming

我与太太参加了贵社主办在24/7/14 的8天Charming Hokkaido 团,导游是Jim Chan,他是一位经验丰富,友善及随和的导游,正如团里有些团员時常提出一些特别的要求与意见,他都会尽量去满足他们,所以他真的非常棒!因此在这极力推荐他为最佳导游。 Best Regards, SEET CHIN MING

Ms Catherine Yeo, Ms Margaret Yeo and Ms Dashia Kw

8-Day Korea/Jeju Deluxe Tour August 14-21, 2014 We recently took your group tour (group of 13) to the above mentioned & enjoyed ourselves. It was unfortunate that we could not get a English-speaking guide. However, Mr Steve Jeong (our Korean guide) was very detailed & accommodating. He made the tour fun & we feel eager to return!! Our driver, Mr Kim was a very careful, kind & caring driver. Though new in this line of work, he would wait for each of us to shield us from the rain back to the bus at various venues. He did not say no when various parties wanted to stop-off to get fried chicken for late night snack even when it was already close to midnight after having started the day early. He even apologised when going over bumps and humps though it was totally out of his control. Both the guide & driver made us enjoy our tour so much more as they made an effort to go the extra-mile. They, & the company of friendly fellow group members made our tour experience with Hong Thai, truly memorable. Thank you, Catherine Yeo, Margaret Yeo and Dashia Kwok.

Mr Peter Ong

I would like to compliment one of your staff, Ms Liu Yu. I requested for an incentive trip proposal last week and she reverted within 3 hours. She gave me a very detailed brief in the itinerary and also very prompt in her service. I regret to inform that my management had chosen other agency as the price was very competitive. Nonetheless, I have been impressed by Ms Liu Yu's service and she's definitely an asset to your company and the travel industry. Thank you, Peter Ong Team Lead Capita Staffing & Search

Ms Leow Sock Tean

我们参加了8 月20 号的8天 盘錦,红海滩,长白山遊。开始时班机在新加坡已经延迟了2小时,因这样我们接不上中国的内陆班机。所以到达大连时己晚上11 点多了。可憐来接我们的导游在机场以等了6小时。没有一句怨言还担心各个团员的安全,一路上她都很细心的照顾各团员所需,而且讲解得很清楚,辨事又快捷。是一个难得的好导遊,她叫杨春香(小杨)。使得我对康泰旅行社有很好的印像,接下来如我要去中国遊,一定会去哪儿報名。
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