Mr Yap Tet Ban

我和我的伙伴参加了8天台湾阿里山的团。 导游梁伟明Daniel(梁爸),是个很有经验的响导,他能把握团友的心理,例如什么时候小休,什么时候讲解,使得整个行程顺利完成。 他也能把他的生活经验很生动的表达给我们。讲解台湾的历史,笑话,生活,都很生动化。 他也让我们剩下了不应该花的钱。 他使我们的旅程很愉快的结束。 他让我们只有一个字称赞他,祝福他。 赞!

Ms Loo Shook Fong

I have enjoyed my holiday "8D Love in Kyushu" led by Jim Chan espescially with his humorous Mandarin He is committed, sincere, knowledgeable & prompt in organising hotel accommodation. He is constantly watchful over all of us. He gave me a good insight of the history, culture & good buys in the different regions we visited. I wish he could be engaged to share his immense experiences with his fellow colleagues. Everything was just well organised. Thankful to God that I picked Hong Thai & had Jim as my guide. I would like to go with Hong Thai again to Hokkaido next year.

Ms Woo Foong Yee

It was a pleasure to have Jim Chan tour guide for our 8D Love in Kyushu, 23-30 Nov '14. He showed care and consideration by giving the old folks sufficient time for answering nature's call without hurrying them. He was also patient and understanding in allowing them to patronise souvenir shops where available. Travelling from one place to another can be long at times. He will always fill us in with insight of Japan such as the history / background of the places of interest we were to visit next. We managed to visit all the places stated in the itinerary despite short day light during this period. This reflected the guide's experience and effort put in to ensure the planned schedule was not adversely affected. Every morning before the coach moved off to the next destination, Jim would remind us to check for our important items and end it with a reminder to fasten our seat belt ... this really gave me a great sense of security. In addition, Jim kept the group informed of the weather forecast to prepare for the next day's attire and current day's outfit. He would also provide us with highlights of the day. On the last day while on our way to the airport, he even summarised the trip - day by day - giving us a deeper impression of the places and activities we did during the trip. No guide had done this for any of the trips I had been on ... bravo to Jim Chan's initiative.

Mr Chen Chee Kang

It was with the excellent performance of our tour guide – Ms. Zhang Xuan that our family of were able to enjoy a wonderful vacation on the 8D7N Fantastic Guilin/Yangshuo/Hezhou (KWL8C) from 12-20 Dec ’14. My family and I have visited many countries and we found that Ms. Zhang Xuan is the best amongst all tour guides we’ve came across. I have observed the way she has carried out her duties and realised she has the following outstanding qualities: 1) Has a very pleasant disposition and we love the way she smiles that made us felt welcomed and at home. 2) Spoke very clearly and I understood her Chinese even though I am an English-educated. She gave very clear instructions and we knew exactly what to do. She has an excellent voice projection and she articulated her words accurately. 3) Knows her work very well especially when she explained to us the history and culture of each place in our itinerary. It was very educational as we learnt a lot of things from her. 4) Very polite and approachable and she took care of all our needs promptly without hesitation. She has struck me as a very hospitable person and we felt very confident and comfortable despite the new environment we were experiencing. Moreover, she showed high concerns with our safety. 5) Ensured that we have sufficient food and obviously we enjoyed every meal that was served to us. We are very fortunate to have such and efficient tour guide and I would like to put on record that Ms. Zhang Xuan should be put up as best tour guide for Hong Thai for her excellent performance. I would like to congratulate Hong Thai for being able to train and have such an excellent and responsible tour guide.
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