Ms Mary Ang

我是参加1月31号2014年九州八天团的其中一名团员,在这儿想表扬我的导游与司机。我的导游Jim Chan是一位很有丰富经验,做事很细心,风趣,跟他的团一点也不闷。他很有责任在车上每次都会讲解旅游景点,每次看到好多人都累了,他都还讲给那些在听的。在此,想感谢那几天的照顾,尤其是在我要回国的前一天,若是没有他带我去医院看医生,不然真的没法顺利回家。因为语言不通,幸好有Jim会说日语帮了我很大的忙。我也想感谢九州司机,他也是非常细心,当他看到我不舒服的时候,经过洗手间时,他都会问有没有人想上。 还好是参加团,所以想谢谢康泰有一名好导游与司机,尤其是Jim。下次有机会还会再报康泰的团.

Mr Winson Kwek & Ms Sindy Koh

Dear Hong Thai Travel, this is the second time we have signed up with you to the 8 Days Kyushu package tour. I would like to give some positive feedback on subject tour departed on 1st Feb 2014. The itinerary of the tour was well covered and completed. My wife and I would like to comment on our tour guide, Mr Jim Chan for doing a wonderful job. Jim is an experienced tour guide who will always have something to share with us throughout the trip. His in-depth and detailed explanation not only on the places of interest and history of modern and ancient Japan, he is much updated on the current affairs in Kyushu and Japan in general. Although one of the highlight, ascend of Mt Aso by cable car was not covered this time due to weather conditions, our trip to Kyushu with the other 30 members was truly enjoyable and fantastic experience. Thank you. Warmest regards, Mr Winson Kwek & Ms Sindy Koh.

Mr Ang Teow Ghee & Ms Ng Lay Pheng

Hi, we, Mr Ang Teow Ghee and Ms Ng Lay Pheng joined your 8 Days Kyushu tour, which departed on 31 Jan 2014. Our tour guide, Mr Jim Chan. Here we are very appreciative of his excellent service and responsibility. Hope to have his service on our next trip. Thank you.

Ms Jade Toh

Hi I am Jade Toh, I am one of the 16 people whom just came back from your Taiwan 8 Days 7 Nights round the island trip. During this trip, the service provided by the local tour guide Daniel Leung was very exceptional good. He is extremely friendly, showed great hospitality and has a good sense of humour. We had acquired a lot of useful knowledge and information from him. Like Taiwan local culture, Chinese history and fengshui. He would always be able to keep a smile on his face and through him, we never felt bored even after long day or long hours on bus trips. Funny jokes and stories that he cracked also never failed to make us laugh. Also, he is very helpful in helping us check-in, bringing us around, making sure he only get the best location for photo-taking, best rooms and best food. Me and my family truly had fun throughout the entire trip and glad to have Daniel as my tour guide. I hope Hong Thai Travel could give him a recognition award or just a certificate of appreciation for his hard work even at the age of 61. I will definitely look forward to travelling with Hong Thai Travel again. Thank you. Regards, Jade Toh (Ms).
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