Ms Christine Dawn Chay

We went on an incentive trip to East Hokkaido Tour (17 to 25 Oct 14). I am writing in to put on record my appreciation for a very well organized tour, with itinerary drawn up by Ms Shu Han from the MICE department. Overall the program arranged was interesting, nicely spaced out, good hotels and food. Our tour participants were happy throughout and that was the most important to me. I am very impressed with her professional and efficient service, even before the trip commences. Without the speed that she's working with, I would surely have ended up with another tour agency as I was then negotiating with them too. Mr Samuel Chua (Tour Leader and Guide)provided excellent service throughout the trip. We were very much enlightened and benefited from his vast knowledge of the Japanese culture and language. Besides that, he was proactive, systematic and very earnest about looking into the needs of each and everyone of us. I could not fault him in any area. I'd like to thank her once more and hope to be able to work with her again in the near future. Meanwhile ... take care and continue with the good job!!

Ms Jenny Chan

我母亲和我想诚挚地感谢大汉先生,我们的当地韩国导游,让我们在韩国度过了一个难忘的假期。 从我们走出机场的那一刻起,他就不厌其烦地确保我们的行程无忧无虑。感谢他大胆的调和了我们的行程,使得形成顺畅无阻。 他那丰富有趣的讲解,更使我们获益良多。尤其很感谢他为我们精心安排的每一餐,我们几乎每道菜都吃得不亦乐乎! 因为有他,我们将会永远保存这旅程的美好回忆以及期待着再次访问该国,也许在某个春天啊!

Mr Jimmy Chan

My partner and I went on a tour group to 8D Love @ Taiwan Alishan from 13 to 21 Nov 2014. It was lead by Kelvin Loh Thye Hua and a local guide. By the time we board coach in Taiwan our tour group had swell to 39 fellow travelers. A group of us had flown in by Eva Air while the rest had used different airlines. The tour group was a mixed lot, consisting of young and not so young individuals. As it's a fairly large group, we had reservation on how the tour guide and our tour leader were going to cope. The thought was quickly put to rest as we noted that the local tour guide was an experienced one and that our tour leader was at hand, able to coordinate our tour activities. Kelvin was friendly and he tampered his instructions with humour that put the group at ease. One moment he was ensuring that all of us had come down the coach and the next moment he was helping a 84 years old traveler to get seated with his bag. Despite keeping an eye for the elderly he found time to answer our questions about the tour itineraries and even take pictures for us at the various attractions. He was always looking out for his group members and was alert when anyone went astray. Under such pressure, we found him to be patient but at the same time he would remind us to heed his instructions and be punctual so as to meet the scheduled tour. When we arrived at the hotel, Kelvin would ensure that everyone had gotten their key cards to their respective rooms, next he was seen helping them to get their luggage in the lifts and again helping the elderly in the group. Similar scenarios played out in different locations and hotels. We also remembered that at some of the meals, Kelvin would go round asking if the food was up to our liking and even at times served some of the dishes to our table. Did this Taiwan tour meet our expectations? - Yes it did and at times the tour was above our expectations. All in all it was a satisfying tour as throughout the tour we felt safe and well taken care off. We must say thanks to Kelvin Loh for making our trip a pleasant and enjoyable one.

曾雅玉太太 和 黄文德先生

我与我先生和儿子在10月19日参加了8天团到四川九寨沟游。我们一团19人到达成都时就由当地导游多李兴峰(多杰)先生接待。 我们想赞杨多杰先生,他待人处事都认真,一点也不马虎。山车后就一路不停的讲解当地人文,历史,古迹和景点让我们了解。每到一个景点,他都会先下车,站在车门边一一地注意着我们下车,还吩咐我们要慢点儿,小心阶梯。其中一位团友是位老妇人82岁,她到达景点时多杰先生都会紧扶着她走。对于多杰先生的表现,我们都很感动,也很庆幸得遇到多杰这位导游,给予我们团友一路平安,快乐。 在此也想表扬这团司机宋先生,给予我们路上平安。 在此,我与我先生再次感谢李兴峰(多杰)先生。他的认真,细心地丰富了我们的认知,也更了解四川成都的文化历史。
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