Max is an experienced tour leader. Approachable and has bubbly character. Reliable and counts for the total strength before leaving the venue. Always remind us to check for our belongings. Helpful and cares for the group. Has a positive attitude throughout the entire trip! Thank you. (October - Asia)

Mr Bryan Pang

A big thank you to Chien Hong (Tour leader) for doing a great job during our trip to Korea from 8-16 Oct 2016. He had shown great patience in taking all initiatives to ensure that all of us are well taken care of and he gave extra care to the elderly, like my mother and 2 of my aunties. At the same time, without neglecting any of us. He will always ensure we are well fed during meals before he go for his own meal. He always volunteers to help us take photos too. Thank you! (October - South Korea)

Khong Pak Kooi and Friends

Tour guide has excellent work attitude. He is a very helpful chap and always willing to go the extra mile even without having us to voice our concerns. Thank you. (September - Jiangxi, China)

Mr & Mrs Leo Joon Heng Friends and Family

Tour guide and driver provided us with great service throughout the whole journey. We are very pleased with the tour guideā€™s attentiveness in meeting our needs. He is friendly, knowledgeable and kind. He takes care of us and made sure that we settled in each destination safely and well. The driver is professional and always on time. He drove the vehicle carefully and ensures that we reach the destination safely. On the whole, we are all pleased with the food, hotel and tourist spots. Thank you. (September - Jiangxi, China)
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