Ms Alice Goh and family

Dear Hong Thai Travel, my family of eight joined 8D Love @Taiwan, Alishan from 28 May to 4 June 2014. We would like to compliment your Taiwan tour guide Daniel Leung for his excellent services brought to us. His vast experience and knowledge were immensely impressed upon us. He spoke succinctly and communicated effectively within our group of 22 customers of varies ages, the youngest being 5 and the eldest 71. He has a pleasant disposition with good inter-personal skills, could excellently seek understanding and adhere to the spirit of co-operation when dealing with all of us. There was a 9 year-old girl who was ill on the first day of the trip, looking at her condition that she did not recover for the past two days. Daniel was instrumental and demonstrated excellent initiative in assisting to obtain some medication along the journey, the girl subsequently recovered. Such scenario had actually warmth my hearth that we were in good hands. My family had a huge volume of photographs taken by Daniel, He was always around us, knew the most scenic spots and captured many candid pictures for all of us. At the end of the day, a DVD with all our memories was given to us at no cost. We wholeheartedly appreciated his kind gesture and once again would like to thank him for the extra mile. My family enjoyed a happy vacation, the jokes, fun and laughter had been deeply embedded upon us. we will continue to choose Hong Thai Travel for our future holidays. Best regards.

Ms Priscilla Low

Hi Person-in-charge, I would like to compliment our tour guide Da Han from Korea and our tour Leader Yanni. Both of them did a great job in bringing a great experience during our 8 days vacation. They were professional and willing to take up the challenge in finding vegetarian food for the ten of us. Da Han even gone the extra mile to bring us his home made vegetarian sushi rolls and we were all overjoyed! He is very well versed in mandarin with no language barrier and is very knowledgeable. He is really an asset to your company and Korea too, Special mentioned to thanks Tom, whom helped with the photography, luggage carrying, food serving and waiting to assist at any point of time. Good job! With this on behalf of my ten family members, we would like to thank Da Han, Yanni, Tom, our coach driver and Hong Thai Travel. GAMSAHAMIDA!

Mdm Tan Qwee Hoon and Ms Sim Wai Ling

7D5N Charming Hokkaido on 24th May. To: The Travel Services Director in Charge: Hi, my daughter and I would like to complement our Tour Guide Leader Mr. JC for his excellent services rendered to our tour group of 31 pax. JC is very professional, approachable, and knowledgeable and ensure everybody’s safety. He even gave us an extra bonus to a beautiful waterfall place which was not in our itinerary and we appreciate very much his kind gesture of going the extra mile. Our Japanese tour driver delivered his excellent driving skills and we indeed had a very enjoyable trip. Food and accommodation was also good and we had a very memorable trip with Hong Thai Travel. Thumbs up and credit should be given to our tour guide leader Mr. JC and tour driver for giving us an enjoyable and memorable trip with Hong Thai Travel. He’s one of the best tour guide leader I’ve came across and keep up with the good job. Warmest Regards, Mdm. Tan Qwee Hoon

Ms Brena Chua

I just came back from a 12D9N Europe Romantic Tour on 10th Jun with my tour guide Sherry. I want to praise her for her strong sense of responsibility and for always putting the safety and the welfare of the tour members as her utmost priority. She always ensured that the members knew what was going on and always prepared us beforehand to let us know what to anticipate. The trip was not only very restful for me but also really fun. I was able to completely relax and enjoy my graduation trip. Sherry also tried her very best to ensure that all the tour mates gel with one another. On the 7-hour long bus ride to Switzerland, Sherry conducted ice breakers on the bus and helped us to get to know one another better. As a result the bus ride passed by very quickly without me even realising it. The tour mates also opened up with one another more after the ice breaker session and we bonded and became like a family over the past 12 days, looking out, taking care of each other belongings, spotting out for good deals and paying for one another, taking photos for one another, taking group photos together and watching FIFA World Cup together at the hotel lounge. After the trip we even created a whatsapp group chat (with almost all the members in the group) to chat. I had a very memorable birthday as well thanks to Sherry. In the morning, she walked up to me quietly on the tour bus and passed me milk flavoured Yan Yan. (I made a passing comment on the first day during breakfast that it was awesome to see Yan Yan on a trip like this.) Then during lunch, she walked up to me and passed me 2 tarts, a local chocolate tart and a blueberry tart and said it is a treat for my birthday. Then during dinner, we just finished our Pizza and were in the midst of our Salmon main course when suddenly the lights went out. I exclaimed loudly "Wah so romantic", only to be surprised with the waiter walking in with a huge Tiramisu cake and the whole tour group singing the Happy Birthday song for me. I really want to thank Sherry for making me feel so special, so loved, so blessed and so favoured. Really very touched by her and she is such an awesome tour guide. I believe that not many people will be that meticulous and not many will go the extra mile like what she did for me. What impressed me greatly about Sherry is that on the last night when one of the members fell sick, she got the doctor to come over to the hotel to check on the member and made sure that the member got proper medical attention and care. She left only when the member is settled down and even after that she did not rest but spent time with the members and bonded over soccer and small talks. I really enjoyed myself tremendously and thank you Sherry for being such an awesome tour guide and for making my graduation trip and birthday so special. It is what you does that make a difference to the lives of people and continue doing what you do because you are truly awesome. Well done Sherry! (:
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